Paper rage

While Richard Gott (Comment, November 28) is correct in his description of the leftist "tide sweeping through Latin America", he misidentifies it as "red". With Marxism now widely discredited, liberation theology has become the ideology of resistance with huge appeal in pious and poor Latin America. This shift has created ambiguities for leftists who, while admiring economic policy, are often taciturn in confronting reactionary social policies on, for example, abortion rights.
John Butler

Yesterday you reported the demonstration by contract cleaners paid five quid an hour at Goldman Sachs; Gordon Brown welcoming raw market globalisation; and the OECD patting Britain on the back for keeping inflation down by using cheap labour - immigrants, older people and women. Just why should anyone who is low-paid or who has any solidarity with low-paid workers ever vote for New Labour or its prime minister-in-waiting?
Hilary Rose

Following the many stories about Polly Toynbee as Tory guru (Comment, November 29), I asked the Conservative leader of Surrey council for extra copies of the Guardian in the members' room. His answer: "One copy is too much anyway." Surely he is ignoring the health and safety implications. Imagine the scenes as ex-MP Cllr Terry Dicks ("living proof that a pig's bladder on a stick can get elected to parliament" - Tony Banks) and other "liberal" Tories fight over our one copy of the Guardian.
John Doran
Lib Dem
Surrey county council

Yesterday I picked seven kilos of ripe figs from my tree (Letters, passim).
Lynne Richards
East Sussex

A frog on the front door step last week, a red admiral butterfly in the lane at the start of the week, and a cowslip flowering in the rose bed; has nature really gone mad, or has the Guardian correspondence made us all more observant?
AM Hancorn

No wrapping paper by Christo (Letters, November 29)?
Alasdair McKee