The World Cup - a game of two halves

Am I the only reader actually looking forward to the World Cup (Letters, passim)? Does the fact that I enjoy football and also read the odd book, listen to music, have an interest in politics, etc make me abnormal? I'm also Welsh and hope England do well!
James Nelmes
Abergavenny, Monmouthshire

Will you please confine all matters relating to the football World Cup to your sports supplement? That way I can simply throw it straight into the rubbish bin. There are many important things that need our attention - overpaid prima donnas, banal tribalism and rampant jingoism are not among them.
David Spratt
Tavistock, Devon

So World Cup flag-waving by Brown, Blair and Cameron is all about political strategy, not football (Mark Lawson, June 9). Thank you for enlightening me, Mark, I would never have guessed.
John Butler
Kidderminster, Worcestershire

In 1990 England reached the semi-finals. The prime minister was out of office within six months. In 1996 England reached the semi-finals of the European Championships. The prime minister was gone within a year. Now I know why Gordon Brown will be supporting England.
Simon Gamble
Poole, Dorset

Much of the Muslim population feel pretty marginalised and hurt since the invasion of Iraq. When the British troops went in to Basra, they flew the St George cross - the Crusaders' flag. Thus it seems pretty crass for Tessa Jowell and a colleague to sport it on ministerial cars.
Felicity Arbuthnot

An own goal missing out the Paraguay flag (G2, June 8) - it's the only national flag in the world with a different design on the obverse and reverse.
Owen Hagan


Four England flags on a Volvo (Letters, June 8)? I can beat that - I spotted one on a car in Scotland.
Frank Naylor
Dunscore, Dumfries

Not a Volvo, but a Renault Espace in New Mills, Derbyshire, with nine Cross of St George flags attached.
Howard Hughes
High Peak, Derbyshire

I have just spotted two pubs in Maidstone displaying large notices outside declaring "No TV", "No football here". Common sense at last, Annalisa Barbieri (All that extra time, June 7).
Sally Brander
Maidstone, Kent

The guy in front of me at the check-out yesterday lunchtime, in his England shirt, bought 72 cans of lager, two ham sandwiches and a large plastic dustbin.
Barry Hewlett-Davies
Brighton, E Sussex

Rooney's fit, Sven's smiling, the players are relaxed but confident, and the press think we've already won. Anyone else experience a gnawing sense of dread?
Gerv Leyden
Bleasby, Nottinghamshire